Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Rijeka, Croatia, An awaited victory for the duo of the Citroen DS3 R3 who won with utmost security the LADIES ' TROPHY after all their opponents slowly lost the pace during the season, this allowed the leaders to be able to drive with even more caution during the Croatia Rally and get to the finish celebrating the title with two races to spare.

Two intense days in Porec, where this weekend the tenth round of the 2013 European Rally Championship took place and where Molly Taylor hit the target she had set at the beginning of the season.
”It was tough, but eventually we made it – she said – I wish to thank the Team, Seb and United Business who believed in me, I had the opportunity to work in a highly professional structure, they have always provided me the best, I thank Paolo Butelli and all the boys, they were fantasctic throughout the season.
When you win it all seems easy and completely granted, but the season was tough , Seb and I tackled eight events of the European series, seven of which for the first time, we worked hard to reach this goal. The Ladies' Trophy was won on the field race after  race along with the entire team”.

Seb Marshall: “I am happy. We are a great team , we have proved it throughout the season, we all do a sport that we love, we do so with the utmost professionalism and always give our best. We dedicate the Title dedicate to ourselves and to the whole team, who always gave us an excellent Citroen DS3 R3 which has always been performing and reliable”.

Pier Liberali of United Business , an Italian company which takes care of Molly Taylor's sports management:
“Molly and Seb ended Croatia Rally in the best way, in a difficult season but with a perfect final result. United Business was very keen to do well in Croatia Rally, an event which we won twice with Luca Rossetti and where we were the event promoter.
For Molly and Seb it was not easy, everything was new, the special stages were difficult and technical, Molly also had a physical problem caused by the petrol fumes inside the cockpit but in the end the title came, the danger and the possibility of error on Croatian roads is always around the corner, they were good not to make mistakes.
And now it's nice to be here to celebrate all together. The Ladies' Trophy was our goal as stated at the beginning of the season, Molly Taylor and Seb Marshall reached it, they have proved two excellent professionals. Winning the title with two races to go allows us to carefully consider the season finale, we are considering what may be the best opportunities for our crew, their process of sports and professional growth must not stop with winning this title, we will probably be making some changes to the sports program announced earlier this year, we will decide in the next two weeks.
For now I want to congratulate Molly, Seb, Paolo Butelli, Citroen and Pirelli, each of who with their own expertise contributed to this victory. Goal achieved !”




1 Molly TAYLOR (AUS) Points 14

2 Ekaterina STRATIEVA (BGR) Points 12

3 Melissa DEBACKERE (BEL) Points 3

4 Asja ZUPANC (SVN) Points 3

5 Martina DANHELOVA (CZE) Point 1

6 Julie DEVALET (BEL) Point 1