Tuesday, February 6, 2018

American Rally Association Welcomes Paul Giblin As National Brand Manager

Dalton, NH (February 6, 2018)

Officials with the American Rally Association (ARA) announced today that longtime marketing and business development professional Paul Giblin of Lincoln, NH has joined the organization’s management team as their National Brand Manager.

A newly created role, the National Brand Manager will oversee marketing, media relations, and business development efforts for ARA. Additionally, Giblin will work alongside national event organizers to help expand their regional marketing efforts and sponsorship initiatives. He will also work closely with ARA President and National Series Manager Doug Shepherd to assist in day-to-day operations of the organization as needed.
Giblin has an extensive background in marketing, media relations, and business development, having worked with multiple high-profile tourism and motorsport organizations over his nearly thirty year career. He brings a unique understanding and perspective on business and marketing as they relate to motorsports, especially Stage Rally, to his position within ARA.
“I couldn’t be happier than to be part of the rally community once again,” said Giblin, “the opportunity to help grow the sport of Stage Rally is something I’m very much excited for. I’m also looking forward to working with Doug Shepherd, the ARA Board of Directors, our national event organizers, and our marketing partners as we work together to take the sport of Stage Rally to the next level.”
An experienced event organizer, Giblin has led the legendary Mt. Washington Hillclimb as its Event Director since the competition's revival in the early 1990s. He has also served in the rolls of Marketing Director, General Manager, and Vice President of Operations for Vermont Sportscar and Subaru Rally Team USA.
As part of his position, Giblin will also oversee the ARA Marketing Department and its Director Matt Kalish. Kalish will assist the National Brand Manager in marketing matters and continue to be responsible for increasing the awareness of the sport of Stage Rally through his expanding involvement with media relations and social media for ARA.