Saturday, June 9, 2012

Global RallyCross Texas: Heat 1 Results, Gronholm wins, Scott shocks Pastrana

Marcus Gronholm got the hole shot and lead Andy Scott and Travis Pastrana into the car wash and the Discount Tire corner. As they made their way to the gap jump the first time, it was Marcus, Andy and Travis easy as 1-2-3. It seemed like Jimmy Keeney had a harder landing than the other three and wasn’t a factor after that lap. The rest of the heat went as expected except for one tight jump where Keeney took the joker lap and slid in between Andy and Travis, causing Pastrana to let up just a little bit. All three made it over the jump,  Keeney really wasn’t a factor in the first  heat that ended up with Gronholm and Scott in the transfer spot to the A Final with Pastrana and Keeney going to the last chance qualifier.